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Current academic year


I teach courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate and Ph.D. level. In the upcoming academic year, I will cover the following (lectures are in Italian, unless differently stated):


Public Economics (B.Sc. in Economics, Banking & Finance).


Economics of Regulation of Financial Markets (Two-years Master programme in Economics & Finance; Two-years Master programme in Accounting & Consulting).

International Public Policies (Two-years Master programme in International Management). In English.

Applied Financial Econometrics (M.Sc. in Banking and Finance). In English.

Investment Management (M.Sc. in Banking and Finance). In English


Microeconomics: Game theory module (Ph.D. programme in Economics, Management & Statistics). In English.

Dissertation /Thesis Supervision:

I am keen to supervise dissertations at any level and Ph.D. thesis. We will discuss the topic of your dissertation/thesis in a meeting. Nonetheless, below is a list of arguments that I find interesting (although my choice is not limited to the following list):

  • Political rules, economic institutions & growth;

  • Redistribution & subjective wellbeing;

  • Emergence and evolution of property rights;

  • Application of property rights theory to sport contests;

  • Duration of interstate and intrastate conflicts;

  • Economic freedom and firm's optimal investment decision.

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