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About myself

I am Associate Professor of Public Economics in the Department of Economics at the University of Messina (ITA). 

After graduating in Law in Messina, I was awarded a M.Sc in Economics from the University of York (UK), a PhD in Economics and Institutions from the University of Messina and a PhD in Economics from the University of Essex (UK).

In these pages you can find information about my research and teaching activities.

How to contact me

Email is the preferred method. You can write me directly or you can use the form that you will find following the link on the right, where you can also find alternative contact methods.


18/03/2020 - Beginning of International public policies and Economics of regulation of financial markets courses. 

16/04/2019 - The page about Stata has been updated. 

30/01/2019 - New material added to the Applied Financial Econometrics page.

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