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In this pages I share some links that in my view could be very helpful for an economist. Most of those reflect my research interests, although they are not limited to them.

I will collect the suggested resources in three groups:

Economists are greedy for data. However, sometimes searching for them could be hard, long and frustrating. I suggest several (institutional or personal) websites, where a lot of data both at micro- and at macro-level can be downloaded free of charge. Those links cover economic, political and financial data.


Let us suppose for a moment that you found what you need. What next? Data are useless if you do not know how to process them. There are plenty of econometric softwares that can offer us an hand. Among them, my favourite is the econometric software Stata. I will provide information about websites that are specifically related to Stata as well as about specific routines that I found useful in my research.

Ok, you processed the data and now? The final step is to write your paper. I started using Microsoft Word to prepare my papers, but I found it not adequate to my needs. In my view, it lacks flexibility, expecially if you need to write scientific papers. I quickly discovered Scientific WorkPlace. It is really great, but I find it a bit too static. Two years ago, I discovered LaTex, which is now my favourite editor to write scientific papers and to prepare presentations.

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