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Current research

Completed papers

Corruption and Referee Bias in Football: the Case of Calciopoli (jointly with W. Distaso, L. Leonida and P. Navarra).

Endogeneizing Fairness to Explain Preferences for Redistribution (jointly with F. Monteforte and P. Navarra).

Freedom, Diversity and the Taste for Revolt (jointly with A. Marino and P. Navarra)

Works in progress

FDI in political perspective: Political institutions, market Liberalization and MNE  location decisions (jointly with P. Navarra and D. Rupo). 

Political competition and economic growth: An augmented Solow model (jointly with L. and P. Navarra).

Economic freedom and  firms’ investment decisions in US (jointly with A. Iona, L. Leonida and P.  Navarra).

Living in the jungle or together and in peace? (jointly with G. Sobbrio).

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